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Spermatogenesis in Polytrichum juniperinum

II. The mature sperm
  • Dominick J. PaolilloJr.
  • Gerald L. Kreitner
  • Judith A. Reighard


In the mature sperm of Polytrichum, the nucleus contains only condensed chromatin. The apical body is as long as the posterior basal body, and the anterior basal body remains short. The microtubules that were part of the multilayered structure persist to form the filamentous appendage of the mature sperm. The cytoplasmic remnant contains the plastid and a few mitochondria that did not participate in the formation of the apical body.


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  • Dominick J. PaolilloJr.
    • 1
  • Gerald L. Kreitner
    • 1
  • Judith A. Reighard
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of BotanyUniversity of IllinoisUrbana

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