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Light beams and radiation patterns in random media

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The purpose of this paper is to apply a numerical technique in solving problems involving light beams in a random medium. The technique starts by generating numerically sample media with prescribed statistical properties. Rays are then traced in these sample media and the ray statistics are compiled. These statistics are utilized to find the mean square displacement and distribution of a beam. Problems on beam broadening and distortion of radiation patterns are considered. Fluctations in wave amplitude and phase are also investigated. When possible, the numerical results are compared with the analytical results and experimental results.

It seems that the numerical technique has a potential to solve a great variety of problems. This is because it does not have severe restrictive conditions as those imposed on the analytic formulation. For example the technique is equally applicable when the irregularities are anisotropic, or when the background medium is inhomogeneous, or when the background is anistropic, or when there exist background wind. Some of these are discussed.

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  • Radiation
  • Analytic Formulation
  • Light Beam
  • Wave Amplitude
  • Numerical Technique