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Factors affecting sulfate adsorption, organic sulfur formation, and mobilization in forest and grassland spodosols

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Forest and grassland soils that contained varying amounts of Fe and Al were collected from England and Wales. Fractionation of free Fe and Al was accomplished to determine which components affected sulfate adsorption. Organic Fe and Al were the dominant fractions in most soil horizons and high amounts of these organically bound metals and, to some extent, crystalline Fe oxide were associated with high sulfate adsorption potentials. These adsorption potentials reflected naturally occurring amounts of absorbed sulfate and ester sulfate. Overall, the C content exhibited a positive relationship with sulfate adsorption potentials. Soils with a high C content also exhibited high rates of organic S formation. The rate of organic S mobilization was greater in soils with higher amounts of soluble sulfate. Organic S was the largest pool and, typically, sulfonate S was the most abundant constituent of the organic pool.

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