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Lattice generation of small equivalences of a countable set

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Given a countable set A, let Equ(A) denote the lattice of equivalences of A. We prove the existence of a four-generated sublattice Q of Equ(A) such that Q contains all atoms of Equ(A). Moreover, Q can be generated by four equivalences such that two of them are comparable. Our result is a reasonable generalization of Strietz [5, 6] from the finite case to the countable one; and in spite of its essentially simpler proof it asserts more for the countable case than [2, 3].

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Dedicated to George Grätzer on his 60th birthday

This research was supported by the NFSR of Hungary (OTKA), grant no. T7442.

Communicated by I. Rival

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Czédli, G. Lattice generation of small equivalences of a countable set. Order 13, 11–16 (1996).

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