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Corporate conscience and foreign divestment decisions

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The rational-agent frame of reference for the analysis of corporate strategic decision-making may be expanded to a moral-agent perspective where decision content is seen as comprising both commercial and ethical factors. Relevant factors may then be classified on the basis of the ethical decision principles to which they relate: rational-egoism, self-referential altruism or deontology. This approach is then applied to the problem of decision support for strategic divestment by MNCs.

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Alan E. Singer is Senior Lecturer in Business Policy and Decision Sciences at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He has written several articles which have been published in journals like Accountancy, Decision Sciences, Journal of Business Ethics and Management Research News.

Nicholas van der Walt is Lecturer at the University of Canterbury.

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Singer, A.E., van der Walt, N.T. Corporate conscience and foreign divestment decisions. J Bus Ethics 6, 543–552 (1987).

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