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Global peace as a professional concern, III


This paper proposes that global peace should be a professional concern because the issues are complex and require critical and creative thinking, and because professionals have status enabling them to convey information to empower others. Professionals must examine priorities in society's needs for application of their particular knowledge areas, and must each make their own unique contribution towards a more peaceful, less threatened planet.

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Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara is a child psychiatrist practising in Hamilton, Ontario and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, McMaster University. She is a member of Canadian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and the Harvard Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age. She teaches an undergraduate course in Introductory Peace Studies at McMaster University.

The articles by Thomas L. Perry, Gilles D. Hurteau, and Joanna Santa Barbara are the result of a three-person panel presentation and therefore appear under the same title. At the publisher's discretion, roman numerals have been included to distinguish these articles.

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Barbara, J.S. Global peace as a professional concern, III. J Bus Ethics 8, 177–178 (1989).

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