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Significance of soil microorganisms for the mobilization of nonexchangeable ammonium


To estimate the availability of nonexchangeable NH inf4 sup+ −N for soil microorganisms four incubation experiments were conducted under controlled conditions. The following results were obtained: Incorporating glucose as a source of readily oxidizable organic material favored the release of nonexchangeable NH inf4 sup+ −N. Mobilization of NH inf4 sup+ from the interlayers of the clay minerals was decreased by the application of K++, while Ca2+, which is supposed to expand the lattice of the clay minerals, had no influence on the release of NH inf4 sup+ . Soil temperature had no effect on microbiological mobilization of NH inf4 sup+ . It is assumed that, generally, the influence of nitrifying bacteria on the mobilization of nonexchangeable NH inf4 sup+ −N is negligible. However, in soils with abundant amounts of available carbon promoting the activity of heterotrophic soil microorganisms, the release of NH inf4 sup+ from clay minerals is favored under fallow conditions.

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  • Nonexchangeable ammonium
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