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The stokes problems for a conducting fluid with a suspension of particles


The Stokes problems of an incompressible, viscous, conducting fluid with embedded small spherical particles over an infinite plate, set into motion in its plane by impulse and by oscillation, in the presence of a transverse magnetic field, are studied. The velocities of the fluid and of the particles and the wall shear stress are obtained. The stress is found to increase due to the particles and the magnetic field, with the effect of the particles diminishing as the field strength is increased.

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H 0 :

strength of the imposed magnetic field

k :

density ratio of particles to fluid (per unit volume of flow field)

m :

σ e 2 H 0 2 /ρ

t :


y :

co-ordinate normal to the plate

u :

fluid velocity

v :

particle velocity

μ e :

magnetic permeability of the fluid

ν :

kinematic viscosity of the fluid

σ :

electric conductivity of the fluid

ρ :

fluid density

τ :

particle relaxation time

ω :

frequency of oscillation of the plate


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  • Magnetic Field
  • Shear Stress
  • Field Strength
  • Spherical Particle
  • Wall Shear Stress