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Aminoacylation of four tRNA species in lupin (Lupinus luteus) cotyledons

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During germination of lupin seeds, the levels of in-vivo tRNA aminoacylation increase in different ways, depending on the species of tRNA. Column chromatography of tRNA on reverse-phase-chromatography (RPC-5) has shown the presence of 4 peaks of isoleucyl-tRNA, 5 of leucyl-tRNA, 5 of lysyl-tRNA, 2 of tyrosyl-tRNA, and 4 of valyl-tRNA. Cochromatography of periodate treated and control tRNA preparations, labeled with radioactive amino acids, indicates identical aminoacylation in vivo of isoaccepting tRNAs during plant development. One isoacceptor of isoleucine tRNA changes its elution profile after periodate treatment.

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