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Effects of short-term dietary change from high fat to high carbohydrate diets on the storage and utilization of glycogen and triacylglycerol in untrained rats

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The effects of short-term diet change from high fat (F) to high carbohydrate (C) (or vice versa) on the storage and utilization of glycogen and triacylglycerol (TG) in muscle and liver were studied in untrained rats. Rats were fed on an F or C diet for 28 days. For an additional 3 days, half of the rats in both F and C groups were fed the same diets as before (F-F and C-C) and the other half of the rats were switched to the counterpart diets (F-C and C-F). On the final day of the experiment, half of the rats in each diet group were exercised by swimming for 1.5 h and the other half were rested. Short-term diet change from F to C diets increased, but the change from C to F diets decreased, glycogen stores of soleus and plantaris muscles and liver, resulting in no difference in glycogen stores between F-C and C-C, and between F-F and C-F. The dietary change also had an affect on TG stores of red gastrocnemius muscle and liver - however, muscle TG stores were still higher in F-C than in C-C and C-F, and there were no differences in liver TG stores between F-C and C-F. Exercise decreased muscle glycogen contents markedly in F-C and C-C, whereas, it decreased muscle TG concentrations in F-F and C-F. Liver glycogen depletion was lower in F-C than in other groups. Lipolytic activities of epididymal adipose tissue at rest and postexercise were no differences between F-F and F-C, and were higher in F-C than in C-C and C-F. β-adrenergic receptor binding was determined with [125I] iodocyanopindolol, and maximal numbers of β-adrenergic receptor of plasma membrane from perirenal adipose tissue were approximately 170%–200% higher in F-C than in other groups at rest and postexercise. These results suggested that short-term C diet fed rats adapted to F diet enhanced not only glycogen stores of muscle and liver but also did not decrease lipolytic activity of adipose tissue with increased β-adrenergic receptor density, resulting in the preservation of energy reserves (glycogen and TG) of muscle at rest, and liver glycogen sparing during exercise.

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