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Model systems for anatexis of pelitic rocks

I. Theory of melting reactions in the system KAlO2-NaAlO2-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O

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A consistent arrangement of solidus curves for reactions involving white mica, alkali feldspar, Al2SiO5, quartz and H2O, as expressed by the components KAlO2-NaAlO2-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O, provides a generally accurate and useful model for the origin of migmatites and peraluminous granites through partial melting of pelitic rocks. The complexities of the univariant (Na-K) reactions may be easily seen on the projection from SiO2 and H2O onto the Ab-Or-Al2O3 plane. Alternative topologies for the appearance of muscovite, paragonite and Al2SiO5 on the quartz and H2O-saturated liquidus may be eliminated by a consideration of possible compositions of liquid and solid phases and Schreinemakers' analysis around (Na-K) invariant points. Paragonite is not likely to be an important phase on the liquidus for most melting paths. Melting paths for natural assemblages may be easily constructed appropriate to P-T-aH2O paths in the model system. Such paths are consistent with observed textures in natural assemblages. Although general models can be developed for decreased aH2O, it is difficult to separate such effects from those involving participation of a calcic component without careful examination of natural assemblages and experimental calibration of appropriate reactions.

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