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Origin of Archean migmatites from the Gwenoro Dam area, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia


Archean migmatites in the vicinity of Gwenoro Dam in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia are composed chiefly of trondhjemite gneiss (TR), mafic tonalite (MT), amphibolite (AM), leuco-trondhjemite veins (LTR), and pegmatites. The gneiss is intruded in nearby areas with small tonalite plutons (TN). Geochemical model studies together with field relationships are consistent with the following model for migmatite production: AM is produced by partial melting of a partly depleted ultramafic parent in which neither garnet nor amphibole remain in the residue; TR and TN are produced by partial melting of undepleted to variably depleted amphibolite in which garnet does not remain in the residue; MT is produced by mixing of plagioclase-rich TR with AM; and LTR represents the solid residue after fractional crystallization of TR.

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