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Characterisation of volume-activated ion transport across epithelial monolayers of human intestinal T84 cells

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The effects of hypo-osmolarity upon transepithelial ion transport in human intestinal cell layers have been investigated. Exposure of the basal-lateral surfaces to hypo-osmotic media resulted in a transient stimulation of inward short-circuit current (I sc). This transient stimulation of inward current by hypo-osmotic media was abolished by 100 μmol/l 4,4′-diisothiocyanostilbene 2,2′-disulphonic acid (DIDS). After prestimulation of inward I sc by vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) or by combinations of carbachol and prostaglandin E1 hypoosmotic exposure of the basal-lateral surfaces resulted in a further transient stimulation of I sc. The stimulation of I sc in these conditions was largely insensitive to DIDS inhibition. Exposure of the basal-lateral surfaces to hypo-osmotic media resulted in a stimulation of loop-diuretic-insensitive 86Rb efflux across the basal-lateral surfaces. In addition, hypo-osmotic exposure of T84 cells is also associated with an increase in cytosolic Ca2+. It is concluded that the effects of hypo-osmotic exposure of T84 cells on secretory I sc are consistent with the activation of a DIDS-sensitive apical Cl conductance and a basal-lateral K+ conductance. With prior activation of inward I sc by VIP via a cAMP-activated DIDS-insensitive apical Cl conductance, augmentation of the secretory current by hypo-osmotic exposure is likely to result primarily from increased basal-lateral K+ current and loop-diuretic-sensitive Cl uptake.

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