Wood Science and Technology

, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 187–196

Fifteen years of wood radiation densitometry

  • H. Polge


Wood radiation densitometry started with the β-ray method but was largely developed with the X-ray method. The density components obtained have been successfully used directly for anatomical, physiological and technological studies. But they also serve as dependent variables to determine the effects of heridity, fertilization, growth rate, entomological defoliation, irrigation, industrial smokes, green pruning, phenology or climatic factors on wood structure or quality and as explanatory variables to elucidate mechanical strength, windbreaks on living trees or sawteeth performances.


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  • H. Polge
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  1. 1.Station de Recherches sur la Qualité des BiosI.N.R.A.-Centre National de Recherches Forestierès

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