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Phase equilibria among pumpellyite, lawsonite, epidote and associated minerals in low grade metamorphic rocks

  • E. H. Brown


Phase relations of pumpellyite, epidote, lawsonite, CaCO3, paragonite, actinolite, crossite and iron oxide are analysed on an Al-Ca-Fe3+ diagram in which all minerals are projected from quartz, albite or Jadeite, chlorite and fluid. Fe2+ and Mg are treated as a single component because variation in Fe2+/Mg has little effect on the stability of phases on the diagram. Comparison of assemblages in the Franciscan, Shuksan, Sanbagawa, New Caledonia, Southern Italian, and Otago metamorphic terranes reveals several reactions, useful for construction of a petrogenetic grid:
  1. (1)

    lawsonite+crossite + paragonite = epidote+chlorite + albite + quartz + H2O

  2. (2)

    lawsonite + crossite = pumpellyite + epidote + chlorite + albite+ quartz + H2O

  3. (3)

    crossite + pumpellyite + quartz = epidote + actinolite + albite + chlorite + H2O

  4. (4)

    crossite + epidote + quartz = actinolite + hematite + albite + chlorite + H2O

  5. (5)

    calcite + epidote + chlorite + quartz = pumpellyite + actinolite + H2O + CO2

  6. (6)

    pumpellyite + chlorite + quartz = epidote + actinolite + H2O



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  • E. H. Brown
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  1. 1.Department of GeologyWestern Washington State CollegeBellinghamUSA

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