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Influence of culture conditions on the production of milk-clotting enzyme from Rhizomucor

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The ratio of milk-clotting activity to proteolytic activity (MC/PA) was used as an index to determine the quality of milk-clotting enzyme. Solid-state fermentation on wheat bran for 5 days at room temperature gave optimal production for enzyme by Rhizomucor miehei and R. pusillus. A ratio of wheat bran to moisture of 1:0.6 (w/v) gave best results. Adding skim milk powder to the media of R. miehei did not improve the MC/PA ratio but 4% (w/w) of the powder did improve the ratio with R. pusillus. Co-cultivation of R. miehei with R. pusillus did not change the MC/PA ratio.

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  • milk-clotting activity
  • proteolytic activity
  • Rhizomucor miehei
  • Rhizomucor pusillus