Rheologica Acta

, Volume 31, Issue 3, pp 213–263 | Cite as

Instabilities in viscoelastic flows

  • R. G. Larson


Viscoelastic instabilities are of practical importance, and are the subject of growing interest. Reviewed here are the fresh developments as well as earlier work in this area, organized into the following categories: instabilities in Taylor-Couette flows, instabilities in cone-and-plate and plate-and-plate flows, instabilities in parallel shear flows, extrudate distortions and fracture, instabilities in shear flows with interfaces, instabilities in extensional flows, instabilities in multidimensional flows, and thermohydrodynamic instabilities. Emphasized in the review are comparisons between theory and experiment and suggested directions for future work.


Polymer Shear Flow Practical Importance Extensional Flow Viscoelastic Flow 
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