Biological Cybernetics

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Communication between termites by biofields

  • G. Becker


Building of vertical galleries (“runways”) by termites of the species Heterotermes indicola (Wasmann) is suppressed in the interior area of arrangements of plastic containers with equal groups of termites and takes place preferably at the periphery. This reaction is not induced by chemical, vibrational or thermal influences. Shielding separation by plates of glass, plastic foam or various metals demonstrated, that the influence on activity and directional behaviour is caused by fields produced by the termites. They are most probably alternating electric fields. These biofields act together or, if the direction of the gradients differs, in competition with a weak alternating magnetic field in the air-conditioned experimental room. The centrifugal reaction of the termites to the biofields which do not influence the feeding activity, induces gallery building at the periphery of the nesting area.


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  • G. Becker
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  1. 1.Bundesanstalt für MaterialprüfungBerlin-Dahlem

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