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Benign cerebellar astrocytoma in childhood: experience at the Hospital for Sick Children 1980–1992

  • Mehdi Abdollahzadeh
  • Harold J. Hoffman
  • Susan I. Blazer
  • Laurence E. Becker
  • Robin P. Humphreys
  • James M. Drake
  • James T. Rutka
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Between 1 January 1980, and 31 December 1992, 66 patients with cerebellar astrocytoma were diagnosed and treated at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. These patients ranged in age between 1 and 18 years, with a mean age of 7.3 years. Thirty-eight patients were male and 28 were female. Total removal was possible in 61 patients and no recurrence occurred in these 61 patients. In the 5 patients in whom an incomplete resection was carried out, regrowth occurred between 1 and 8 years following resection.

Key words

Astrocytoma Cerebellum Pseudomeningocele Ventriculoperitoneal shunt 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Mehdi Abdollahzadeh
    • 1
  • Harold J. Hoffman
    • 1
  • Susan I. Blazer
    • 1
  • Laurence E. Becker
    • 1
  • Robin P. Humphreys
    • 1
  • James M. Drake
    • 1
  • James T. Rutka
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of NeurosurgeryThe Hospital for Sick ChildrenTorontoCanada

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