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Tryptophan genes in Rhizobium—Their organization and their transfer to other bacterial genera

  • A. W. B. Johnston
  • M. J. Bibb
  • J. E. Beringer


R. leguminosarum trp alleles mapped by R68.45-mediated recombination were located in three distinct chromosomal regions. We isolated three derivatives of R68.45 that carried different trp genes of R. meliloti. Each of the plasmids suppressed all of the R. leguminosarum trp alleles in a particular region. The R-primes were transferred to strains of P. aeruginosa carrying mutations in different trp genes. The plasmid pAJ24JI suppressed trpA, B and F mutants, pAJ73JI suppressed trpC and D and pAJ88JI suppressed a trpE mutant. When the R-primes were transferred to E. coli trp strains they failed to suppress any trp mutants. A derivative of pAJ24JI was isolated which was able to suppress trpA and F mutants of E. coli.


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  • A. W. B. Johnston
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  • M. J. Bibb
    • 1
  • J. E. Beringer
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  1. 1.John Innes InstituteNorwichEngland

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