Applied Physics B

, Volume 56, Issue 3, pp 147–156 | Cite as

Kinetic modeling of the photolytic XeF(CA) laser

  • R. E. BeverlyIII


A comprehensive kinetic model and numerical code were developed to simulate photolytic excitation and lasing in gaseous media pumped by intense, broadband optical sources. The model considers transport of pump radiation through a nonlinear dispersive medium coupled with chemical and lasing kinetics describing the temporal and spatial evolution of particle species and intracavity lasing photons. Either planar or cylindrical geometry can be chosen to approximate the experimental configuration. The kinetic model is generally applicable to any photolytically pumped lasing scheme. Initial simulations were performed for the XeF(CA) laser and computational results are compared with the experiments of Zuev et al. [3,4]. Internal losses due to refractive-index gradients associated with the photodissociation wave must be included to obtain agreement between the model and experiments.


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