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Cytologische Lokalisation von 5S und 18/25S RNA Genorten in Mitose-Chromosomen von Vicia faba

  • Marita Knälmann
  • Eva-Charlotte Burger

Cytological localization of 5S and 18/25S RNA gene sites in mitotic chromosomes of Vicia faba


Homologous in situ hybridization with tritiated 4S, 5S and 18/25S RNA from root tip meristems of Vicia faba has been used to study the pattern of distribution of DNA sequences coding for these RNAs in the diploid nuclei. 5S RNA hybridizes to two regions of the satellites of the pair of satellited chromosomes. The sites differ in the level of in situ hybridization implicating different degrees of redundancy. 18/25S RNA hybridization is concentrated to the secondary constriction of these satellite chromosomes. Both, 5S and 18/25S ribosomal RNA gene sites are located on the same pair of chromosomes, but obviously the sequences are not contiguous. An association of 5S RNA cistrons with heterochromatin is assumed. Additional RNA gene sites as well as 4S RNA gene sites are not detectable.


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  • Marita Knälmann
    • 1
  • Eva-Charlotte Burger
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für Biophysik der TechnischenUniversität HannoverHannoverBRD

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