, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp 1–22

Synthesis and characterization of amplified DNA in oocytes of the house cricket, Acheta domesticus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

  • M. Donald Cave


At a time in the life cycle when a large proportion of the oocytes of Acheta incorporate 3H-thymidine into an extrachromosomal DNA body, synthesis of a satellite or minor band DNA, the density of which is greater than main band DNA, is readily detected. Synthesis of the satellite DNA is not detectable in tissues, the cells of which do not have a DNA body, or in ovaries in which synthesis of extrachromosomal DNA by the oocytes is completed. The DNA body contains the amplified genes which code for ribosomal RNA. However, less than 1 percent of the satellite DNA, all of which appears to be amplified in the oocyte, is complementary to ribosomal 18S and 28S RNA. In situ hybridization demonstrates that non-ribosomal elements, like the ribosomal elements of the satellite DNA, are localized in the DNA body.

Abbreviations used


ribosomal RNA, includes 18S and 28S RNA


gene sequences complementary to rRNA


complementary RNA synthesized in vitro


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