Journal of Neurology

, Volume 234, Issue 2, pp 103–106

Mollaret's meningitis: CSF-immunocytological examinations

  • G. Stoppe
  • E. Stark
  • U. Patzold
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Mollaret's meningitis is a rare clinical entity consisting of recurrent attacks of meningeal irritation, which, after a sudden onset, last for a few days. The prognosis appears to be excellent, although the aetiology has not been established. In the CSF so-called endothelial cells are a typical finding, but their classification is not yet clear. In the present case immunocytological examination of CSF cells revealed that the so-called Mollaret cells are monocytes. The time course of changes in helper/suppressor ratio is similar to that in other infectious diseases of the central nervous system.

Key words

Mollaret's meningitis Immunocytology Monocytes Helper/suppressor ratio 


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  • G. Stoppe
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  • E. Stark
    • 1
  • U. Patzold
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  1. 1.Neurologische Klinik mit Klinischer NeurophysiologieMedizinische Hochschule HannoverHannover 61Federal Republic of Germany

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