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, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp 169–174 | Cite as

Transformation of Trichoderma harzianum by high-voltage electric pulse

  • G. H. Goldman
  • M. Van Montagu
  • A. Herrera-Estrella
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We have developed conditions for an efficient method of genetic transformation in Trichoderma harzianum, using high-voltage electroporation. Transformation was obtained with a plasmid carrying the Escherichia coli, hygromycin B phosphotransferase gene as a dominant selectable marker, and the gpd promoter and trpC terminator from Aspergillus nidulans. The transformation frequency is up to 400 transformants per μg of plasmid DNA. The transformants were phenotypically 100% stable; they were also mitotically stable. Hybridization experiments suggest that the transforming DNA might be integrated at the same position in the T. harzianum genome. This report opens possibilities for improving transformation systems that have already been described for fungi, or else for transforming filamentous fungi where the use of polyethylene glycol is not efficient.

Key words

Trichoderma Electroporation Transformation Biocontrol 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • G. H. Goldman
    • 1
  • M. Van Montagu
    • 1
  • A. Herrera-Estrella
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratorium voor GeneticaRijksuniversiteit GentGentBelgium

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