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From Kocher to Allgöwer: The International Society of Surgery/La Société Internationale de Chirurgie

  • Lloyd M. Nyhus
Société International de Chirurgie-Manuscripts Presented at the 35th World Congress of the International Society of Surgery, Hong Kong, August 1993


The saga of the Society—from Kocher to Allgöwer-rings with true accomplishment. As we near the end of our first complete century, we can look back with a sense of satisfaction. At the same time we must recognize that there still is much to do.

I wish to paraphrase the words of Kocher's 1905 inaugural address:


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  • Lloyd M. Nyhus
    • 1
  1. 1.Living Institute for Surgical Studies, Department of SurgeryUniversity of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago (M/C958)U.S.A.

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