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Ramsey numbers and an approximation algorithm for the vertex cover problem

  • Burkhard Monien
  • Ewald Speckenmeyer


We show two results. First we derive an upper bound for the special Ramsey numbers rk(q) where rk(q) is the largest number of nodes a graph without odd cycles of length bounded by 2k+1 and without an independent set of size q+1 can have. We prove \(r_k (q) \leqq \frac{k}{{k + {\text{1}}}}q^{\frac{{k + {\text{1}}}}{k}} + \frac{{k + {\text{2}}}}{{k + {\text{1}}}}q\) The proof is constructive and yields an algorithm for computing an independent set of that size. Using this algorithm we secondly describe an OV¦·¦E¦) time bounded approximation algorithm for the vertex cover problem, whose worst case ratio is \(\Delta \leqq {\text{2 - }}\frac{{\text{1}}}{{k + {\text{1}}}}\), for all graphs with at most (2k+3) k (2k+2) nodes (e.g. Δ≦1.8, if ¦V¦≦146000).


Information System Operating System Data Structure Communication Network Information Theory 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Burkhard Monien
    • 1
  • Ewald Speckenmeyer
    • 1
  1. 1.Fachbereich 17, Theoretische InformatikUniversität PaderbornPaderbornFederal Republic of Germany

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