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Chromosome mobilization by the R plasmid R68.45: A tool in Pseudomonas genetics

  • Dieter Haas
  • Bruce W. Holloway


The conjugative plasmid R68.45 mobilizes the chromosome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain PAO from multiple sites located in different chromosome regions. In interrupted matings on the plate, selection for any single marker tested resulted in entry times of 3–5 min. When selection was imposed for two markers linked in R68.45-mediated conjugation, double recombinants appeared after a delay which corresponded approximately to the map distance between the two markers as measured by the sex factor FP2. Thus, R68.45 and FP2 appear to promote chromosome transfer at similar rates, but R68.45, unlike FP2, seems to give non-polarized transfer. R68.45 may be used to estimate map distances between linked markers located in those chromosome regions where other sex factors do not produce enough recombinants to permit accurate measurement of entry times.

In R68.45 matings on the plate, most recombinants inherited short donor chromosome fragments (usually less than 10 min long) and lost the R plasmid during purification. Used like a “large” generalized transducing phage, R68.45 has proved valuable in construction of PAO strains with desired genotypes.


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  • Dieter Haas
    • 1
  • Bruce W. Holloway
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of GeneticsMonash UniversityClaytonAustralia

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