Archives of Microbiology

, Volume 162, Issue 5, pp 323–328

Genetic characterization of ompH mutants in the deep-sea bacterium Photobacterium sp. strain SS9

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DOI: 10.1007/BF00263779

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Bartlett, D. & Chi, E. Arch. Microbiol. (1994) 162: 323. doi:10.1007/BF00263779


OmpH is an outer membrane protein produced by the deep-sea bacterium Photobacterium species strain SS9 in response to elevated hydrostatic pressure. In order to facilitate studies of the function of this protein, a series of OmpH+ and OmpH- strains were obtained from SS9 by Tn5 gene replacement mutagenesis. A previously isolated ompH::lacZ strain and a derivative of this strain harboring a plasmid expressing the wild-type ompH gene were also utilized. The acridine mutagen ICR 191 preferentially inhibited the growth of OmpH+ over OmpH- cells. Indeed, OmpH+ cultures treated with the mutagen rapidly accumulated mutants producing reduced levels of OmpH. In addition. OmpH+ cells took up the peptide Met-Leu-Phe approximately 15 times more rapidly than OmpH- cells. The results are consistent with the hypothesis that OmpH functions as a relatively large, nonspecific diffusion channel.

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Outer membrane protein Porin Extremophile Piezophile Barophile High pressure adaption Deep-sea bacterium Photobacterium Gene replacement transposon 



Outer membrane protein

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  1. 1.Center for Marine Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Scripps Institution of OceanographyUniversity of CaliforniaLa JollaUSA

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