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The gene for trypsin inhibitor CMe is regulated in trans by the lys 3a locus in the endosperm of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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A cDNA encoding trypsin inhibitor CMe from barley endosperm has been cloned and characterized. The longest open reading frame of the cloned cDNA codes for a typical signal peptide of 24 residues followed by a sequence which is identical to the known amino acid sequence of the inhibitor, except for an Ile/Leu substitution at position 59. Southern blot analysis of wheat-barley addition lines has shown that chromosome 3H of barley carries the gene for CMe. This protein is present at less than 2%–3% of the wild-type amount in the mature endosperm of the mutant Risø 1508 with respect to Bomi barley, from which it has been derived, and the corresponding steady state levels of the CMe mRNA are about I%. One or two copies of the CMe gene (synonym Itc1) per haploid genome have been estimated both in the wild type and in the mutant, and DNA restriction patterns are identical in both stocks, so neither a change in copy number nor a major rearrangement of the structural gene account for the markedly decreased expression. The mutation at the lys 3a locus in Risø 1508 has been previously mapped in chromosome 7 (synonym 5H). A single dose of the wild-type allele at this locus (Lys 3a) restores the expression of gene CMe (allele CMe-1) in chromosome 3H to normal levels.

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