Wood Science and Technology

, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp 437–449 | Cite as

Mechano-sorptive effects in wooden material

  • A. Mårtensson


The effects on wood of simultaneous mechanical and moisture loading are studied. In order to clarify the mechano-sorptive behaviour of wood, a review of different phenomena presented in the literature is included. Based on this review a constitutive model is proposed for the case of uniaxial stress in the longitudinal direction. The validity of the model is checked independently against test results. The calculations show that the model is capable of describing the response of wood with reasonable accuracy. Simulations indicate that the response of small test specimens is more difficult to describe than that of larger beams. Some differences in behaviour are found to depend on loading mode and nature of moisture cycling. Very large and fast moisture cycles seem to give larger mechano-sorption than smaller variations. The results of the simulations show that there is a significant influence of strain on the shrinkage and swelling response.


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  • A. Mårtensson
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  1. 1.Department of Structural EngineeringLund Institute of TechnologyLundSweden

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