, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 127–146

Reflections on citizen involvement in urban transportation planning: Towards a positive approach

  • Wilbur A. Steger


The purpose of this paper is to explore an important and unique role which community participation and involvement can play in a revised transportation planning process. A review of diverse views about community participation, as well as a critique of the current urban transportation planning process, reveals that the former has played, primarily, ad hoc opportunistic and diverse roles, and that the latter is in desperate need for dynamic, subjective, “impact” information — required to assess attractive transportation systems. The contributions of several disciplines — economics, operations research, management science, political science, public administration, and others — are reviewed to assist in the development of a conceptual framework for a new community participation role, as a provider of key information to the planning process. An eclectic, experimental approach is recommended to explore the possibilities further.


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  • Wilbur A. Steger
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  1. 1.CONSAD Research CorporationPittsburghUSA

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