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Rationale of subdermal superficial liposuction related to the anatomy of subcutaneous fat and the superficial fascial system

  • Carlo Gasperoni
  • Marzia Salgarello


The liposuction technique has changed greatly over the years. In 1989, the authors presented subdermal superficial liposuction which treats the superficial fat layer and yields better skin retraction. With this technique the surgeon can treat thin adipose layers to obtain better results in more cases than the traditional liposuction technique. The technique can be used in cases with difficult skin adjustment and in secondary cases when “deep only” liposuction has been performed and there were residual adiposities. Subdermal superficial liposuction evolved so that one could obtain good skin retraction by performing massive liposuction of all the fat layers. The authors named this technique MALL (Massive All Layer Liposuction). The technique is applied in body areas where the fat layer is very thick and stretches the skin because of its volume and weight such as in the abdomen, posterior arms, and internal surface of the upper third of the thighs. MALL liposuction drastically reduces the indications for abdominoplasty and inner thigh and arm dermolipectomies. Knowledge of the anatomy of the subcutaneous fat and the superficial fascial system allows one to explain the subdermal superficial liposuction from an anatomical point of view, to perform a more rational and effetive procedure, and to differentiate the technique depending on the area of the body.

Key words

Liposuction Skin retraction Anatomy of the fat Superficial fascial system 


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  • Carlo Gasperoni
    • 1
  • Marzia Salgarello
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  1. 1.RomeItaly

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