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The metallogenic relationship between Birimian and Tarkwaian gold deposits in Ghana

  • J. P. Milési
  • P. Ledru
  • P. Ankrah
  • V. Johan
  • E. Marcoux
  • Ch. Vinchon


The traditional concept of the Early Proterozoic gold deposits in Ghana — i.e. gold-bearing shear zones overlain by Tarkwaian paleoplacers containing reworked gold derived from the shear-zones — needs to be reconsidered in the light of recent research in Ghana, the Ivory Coast and French Guiana. This research has revealed a consistent pattern of geostructural and metallogenic evolution in which both the Birimian and the Tarkwaian rocks were deformed by a major Eburnean compression (D2). It has shown that the NE-SW faults controlling the Gold Coast Range shear-zone mineralization (Ashanti-Prestea) were formed during the Eburnean D2 episode of thrusting that was followed by hydrothermal activity with the emplacement of auriferous arsenopyrite and then by the development of quartz veinlets and native gold; thus the shear-zone mineralization could only have appeared during the D2 late-orogenic stage. It has also shown evidence of post-depositional D2 deformation in the gold sites examined in the Tarkwa gold-bearing conglomerate, although the effects are limited and primary lithological controls have been preserved that reveal these deposits to be “modified paleo-placers”. Thus, the Tarkwaian gold could not be derived from the gold-bearing shear-zones.


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