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Gold-bearing iron-formation in a granulite terrane of the Canadian Shield: a possible deep-level expression of an Archean gold-mineralizing system

  • B. Lapointe
  • E. H. Chown


Gold occurs in metamorphosed iron-formation within a migmatized paragneiss terrane in the Eastern Superior Province of the Canadian Shield. The main gold prospect, which is located 100 m from a tonalite pluton, has undergone skarn-like metamorphism that occurred late during the granulite grade metamorphism. Despite its occurrence in a high-grade metamorphic host-rock, the mineralization shares many of the characteristics of lowergrade Archean greenstone belt gold mineralization, such as: (1) enrichment in Au, As, S, Sb, W, U and FeO; (2) a low base-metal/gold ratio; (3) the inclusion of gold in arsenopyrite; (4) the proximity to a felsic pluton; (5) an iron-rich, fractured host-rock; and (6) a similar mineralization time (around 2650 Ma). This gold occurrence occurs near the metamorphic peak and represents a deep level expression of the widespread crustal-scale mineralizing system documented for the late Archean. The main conclusion of this work is that the principal characteristics of Archean gold mineralization are present in the deep crust, and do not come from the leaching of upper-level rock piles, such as greenstone belts.


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  • B. Lapointe
    • 1
  • E. H. Chown
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  1. 1.Sciences de la Terre, Université du Québec à ChicoutimiChicoutimiCanada

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