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Tectonic framework of the Precambrian of Madagascar and its Gondwana connections: a review and reappraisal

  • B. F. Windley
  • A. Razafiniparany
  • T. Razakamanana
  • D. Ackermand


The Precambrian of Madagascar is divided into two sectors by the north-west trending sinistral Ranotsara shear zone, which continues in the Mozambique belt, probably as the Surma shear zone, and in Southern India as the Achankovil shear zone. South of Ranotsara six north-south trending tectonic belts are recognized that consist largely of granulite and high amphibolite facies paragneisses, phlogopite diopsidites, concordant granites and granulites. North of Ranotsara the central-northern segment is traversed by a north-trending axial 100–150 km wide dextral shear zone of probable Pan-African age, which was metamorphosed under granulite and high amphibolite facies conditions and which has reworked older basement. This shear zone continues across southern India as the Palghat-Cauvery shear zone. Major stratiform basic -ultrabasic complexes occur in the axial zone and in the basement to the west. Well preserved low grade continental margin-type sediments (quartzites, mica schists and stromatolitic marbles) of Kibaran age are present in western Madagascar. Two partly greenschist grade sedimentary groups lie unconformably on high grade basement in north-east Madagascar. Isotopic age data suggest the presence in Madagascar of Archaean, Early and Mid-Proterozoic crustal material that was extensively reworked in Pan-African times.

Key words

Shear zones Granulites basic/ultrabasic complexes Paragneisses 


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  • A. Razafiniparany
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  • T. Razakamanana
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  • D. Ackermand
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  1. 1.Department of GeologyLeicester UniversityLeicesterUK
  2. 2.Laboratoire de GéologieCampus Universitaire d'AmbohitsainaAntananarivoMadagascar
  3. 3.Déparement de Sciences NaturellesUniversité de ToliaraToliaraMadagascar
  4. 4.Mineralogisches Institut der UniversitätKielGermany

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