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The temperature variations in the troposphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere of the Northern Hemisphere, 1965–1981

  • C. Varotsos
Letter to the Editor


We have used temperature data obtained from radiosondes and rocketsondes for the time interval 1965–1981 to estimate the interconnection of mean-annual temperature fluctuations at the various layers from the surface to the lower mesosphere of the Northern Hemisphere. Profiles of coefficients of correlation of the mean-annual temperature at each layer with mean-annual temperature at higher layers are shown for locations in the low, middle, and high latitudes. It is suggested that the mean-annual temperature variations at high latitudes of the troposphere are related with mean-annual temperature variations of the high latitudes of the lower stratosphere. Also, the mean-annual temperature variations at the high latitudes of the lower stratosphere are connected with mean-annual temperature variations at the high latitudes of the upper stratosphere. Furthermore, the mean-annual temperature variations of the upper stratosphere have an impressive correlation with mean-annual temperature variations of the lower mesosphere for whole northern hemisphere.


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  • C. Varotsos
    • 1
  1. 1.Hellenic Naval AcademyPiraeusGreece

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