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The assimilation of Dravidian loans to Konkani phonological and morphological patterns

  • Rocky V. Miranda


After briefly reviewing the status of Konkani in the Dravidian area, and the extent of Dravidian influence on this Indo-Aryan language, the assimilation of Dravidian loan words to Konkani phonological and morphological patterns is examined in detail. In the process of accommodation, Dravidian loanwords have undergone various phonological modifications (such as syncope, apocope, vowel rounding, vowel raising, vowel lowering, palatalization, depalatalization, gemination, and degemination). They have undergone also various morphological modifications in order to adjust to a considerably different system of morphological classes and inflectional patterns. Finally, certain sociolinguistic factors are pointed out which might have enabled Konkani phonological and morphological patterns to withstand the pressures of the massive influx of Dravidian loans.


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  • Rocky V. Miranda
    • 1
  1. 1.University of MinnesotaMinnesotaUSA

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