Delta-doping of semiconductors

  • J. J. Harris


The structural, electrical and optical properties of epitaxial semiconductor layers, delta-doped with impurity atoms, are reviewed. The majority of the discussion relates to GaAs, the most-studied material, but where possible, results for Si and other semiconductors will be presented. Although the ideal situation is one of dopant atoms confined to a single atomic plane, there are several factors, such as diffusion and segregation, which broaden the profiles, and techniques to minimize these effects are discussed. The electrostatic attraction between free carriers and ionized dopants results in a V-shaped potential well, perpendicular to the dopant plane, which confines the carriers into a quasi-two-dimensional sheet, and quantizes their energy into a series of sub-bands. This has significant consequences for the electrical and optical properties of the layers, and results of such measurements on these structures are presented. Several features of delta-doped layers are attractive for exploitation in devices, and this is illustrated by reference to a number of novel or improved device designs.


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