Immuno-electron labelling of matrix components in congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy

  • Walter Sekundo
  • George E. Marshall
  • William R. Lee
  • Colin M. Kirkness
Clinical Investigations


Two corneal buttons were obtained from a patient with congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy (CHED) at the ages of 2.5 years (right eye) and 14 years (left eye) and were studied by light and electron microscopy including immunogold labelling for collagen types I -V and laminin. The posterior collagenous layer (PCL) of Descemet's membrane contained collagen types I, III-V, and laminin: the latter was also localised to finebanded and granular material in the posterior non-banded zone (PNBZ). Comparison of the endothelium at 2.5 years and 14 years revealed occasional dystrophic changes in the former and extensive dystrophic changes in the latter. The distribution of collagen types I, III and V within the PCL supports previous morphological observations of fibroblast-like change of the endothelium in CHED. Persisting endothelial properties were manifest as positive labelling of type IV collagen and laminin. An excessive amount of laminin found in PNBZ and PCL is another stress-related endothelial reaction.


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