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Long-period irregular magnetic pulsation, Pi3

  • Takao Saito


In the 1973 Scientific Assembly, the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy proposed with Resolution No. 11 to settle two new classes of magnetic pulsations; Pc6 having a sinusoidal waveform with periods longer than 600 s and Pi3 having an irregular waveform with periods longer than 150 s. The present paper reviews the studies on these pulsations putting a stress on Pi3. the Pi3-type pulsations are further classified into Psc5, Psc6, Pip, Ps6 and another type. The pulsations Psc5 and Psc6 mean the damped-type pulsations associating with storm sudden commencement in the approximate period range from 150 to 600 s and longer than 600 s, respectively, while Pip and Ps6 are the quasi-sinusoidal pulsations associating with magnetospheric substorm in the appropriate period range from 100 to 400 s and from 5 to 40 min, respectively. In the present review paper a stress is further layed on morphology and theory of the Ps6-type Pi3 pulsation. The following two-snake model is concluded to be plausible. A current system with in-flowing field-aligned current, westward ionospheric current, and out-flowing field-aligned current expands toward both the dawn- and the dusk-sectors with the progress of magnetospheric substorm. Thus Ps6 is regarded to be due to a magnetic effect of a meandering of the current system during the expansion, which is compared with the meandering of two snakes along the auroral oval from the midnight point toward both the east and the west, respectively.


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  • Takao Saito
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  1. 1.Onagawa Magnetic Observatory and Geophysical Institute Tohoku UniversitySendaiJapan

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