Higher Education

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The future of higher education

  • Bogdan Suchodolski


Higher education is no longer suited to contemporary needs. Not only is it socially inequitable, the once-and-for-all education of youth as a preliminary to employment is of decreasing value in an era of rapid scientific and technological change. Merely expanding the system is socially wasteful and results in an undersirable prolongation of formal education and dependence on family and state. A gradual but radical overhaul of the fabric of higher education is needed which will bring to an end its exalted position on the educational ladder. It must open its doors to working people of all ages and classes, and achieve an interweaving of work and learning. If this is to be attained, however, three conditions should be fulfilled: the opportunity to combine work and study must be open to all; the occupational structure must be modified to make it possible in every profession to study one's way to the top; and secondary education, no longer a direct link to the universities, must have a stronger occupational and scientific orientation. The greatest gain of this revitalization will be in the increased involvement of the younger generation in the community at large, which holds out the promise of achieving the great objective of a nation embracing both young and old, workers and intelligentsia alike.


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