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Women's status and childhood mortality in two contrasting areas in south-western Nigeria

A preliminary analysis
  • Iyun B. Folasade 


The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between some women's status factors and differentials in probability of child survival in the south-western part of Nigeria. The present analysis is based on the results of the study of children of some 4677 women in two towns contrasting geographical zones.

The results of the studiy indicate the significant role of age of mother at first marriage and BCG vaccination while the influence of maternal education was inconsistent at both household and regional levels. Likewise, the possession of certain household items such as dustbin, dining table seem to enhance the survival of children in the urban centres.

The results of the study therefore call for strong measures to discourage the marriage of teenage girls. Also, the campaign for use of family planning devices for at least child spacing should be intensified among both mothers and men. Mothers should also be discouraged from patronizing food vendors to ensure minimum balanced diet for their children. Finally, there is need to encourage integrated research efforts on mortality studies so that the fine points of each discipline can be utilized in the multiple research methodology required in order to make headway in the campaigns for child survival and safe motherhood in developing societies.


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  • Iyun B. Folasade 
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  1. 1.Department of GeographyUniversity of IbadanIbadanNigeria

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