, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 151–153

The Kantian mentalism of Johannes Kinker (1764–1845)

  • M. J. van der Wal


Johannes Kinker (1764–1845) who tried to promote Kantian philosophy in different ways, was also interested in the phenomenon of language. His general language theory is presented in Inleiding eener Wijsgeerige Algemeene Theorie der Talen, published in 1817. An impression of that theory is given in this paper. Some important questions arise, viz. whether Kinker was influenced by others; whether his theory was an original one and what the place of the theory is in the linguistic situation of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century.


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  • M. J. van der Wal
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  1. 1.Dutch DepartmentUniversity of LeidenLeidenThe Netherlands

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