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Host plant control of the inheritance of dinitrogen fixation in the Pisum-Rhizobium symbiosis

  • F. B. Holl


The contribution of the host plant genome in symbiotic dinitrogen fixation has received little attention. In examining more than two thousand samples from the USDA Plant Introduction Collection, host-determined genetic variation in dinitrogen fixation has been found. In genetic analysis of a mutant line of Pisum resistant to nodulation, two genes designated Sym2 and Sym3 have been detected; Sym2 affects nodulation while Sym3 influences fixation. The two genes segregate independently as dominant Mendelian characters. Effective symbiosis requires the presence of at least one dominant gene at each locus.


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  • F. B. Holl
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  1. 1.Prairie Regional LaboratoryNational Research Council of CanadaSaskatoonCanada

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