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Comments on hematogenous metastatic patterns in humans as revealed by autopsy

  • Leonard Weiss

An attempt is made to clarify some general concepts of hematogenous metastatic patterns in humans, by the use of autopsy data. The significance and problems associated with ‘false negative’ reports are assessed. By the use of metastatic efficiency indices in which the incidence of specific target organ involvement is related to organ blood-flow, ‘seed-and-soil’ effects are discriminated from the effects of differential cancer cell delivery. An analysis of autopsy data from cases with a history of colorectal carcinoma is used to illustrate the importance of metastasis from metastases in the genesis of hematogenous metastatic patterns in humans.


human hematogenous metastatic patterns 


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  • Leonard Weiss
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  1. 1.Department of Experimental PathologyRoswell Park Memorial InstituteBuffaloUSA

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