Agroforestry Systems

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Choosing suitable intercrops prior to pruning Sesbania hedgerows in an alley configuration

  • Charles Yamoah


In the northern Rwandan Highlands, farming is intensive due to unavailability of land. A study was conducted to choose suitable intercrops with Sesbania for alley cropping prior to cutback of the shrub, a practice that would enable farmers to continuously crop their fields. Potato, pole bean, dwarf bean and maize were tested in 4-m alleys. The study concludes that pole bean is most appropriate while maize is the least preferred intercrop for a 6-month-old Sesbania. Yield losses of intercrops were attributed principally to shading by Sesbania hedges, but competition for nutrients and soil space as well as disease incidence are also possible.

Key words

Alley cropping intercropping Sesbania shading 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Charles Yamoah
    • 1
  1. 1.International Agricultural Prog. Univ. of ArkansasUSA

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