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Marketing constraints for Eucalyptus from farm lands in India

  • N. C. Saxena


During the early eighties farmers in north-west India planted Eucalyptus on a massive scale for sale as poles and pulpwood. However, after 1986 farmers in this region have almost stopped growing Eucalyptus, as their experience with its marketing was not a happy one. The pole market got saturated, paper mills did not pay a remunerative price, and fuelwood prices were low and uneconomical. More important, because of legal restrictions on the transport and sale of wood, and other institutional factors, the gap in the farmgate price and the consumer price remained very wide. Wood markets have, on the whole, exploited the farmers, rather than helped them. Due to this, the short period of flirtation with tree crops seems to be over for at least resident farmers in those very areas in north-west India where they had so enthusiastically planted Eucalyptus in the early 1980s.

Key words

Eucalyptus farm forestry wood markets poles pulpwood timber fuelwood 



Block Development Officer


poor people who collect firewood on their heads from forest lands for consumption and sale

m ha

million hectares


Indian Rupee 16 Rs = 1 US Dollar in 1989


elected village organisation


village chief


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