Agroforestry Systems

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ICRAF Field Station at Machakos

A demonstration and training site for agroforestry technologies
  • P. K. R. Nair


ICRAF has a Field Station at Machakos, 70 km south-east of Nairobi on a 40-ha site. It provides a good collection of a large number of multipurpose trees and shrubs useful in agroforestry, experimental designs, agroforestry technologie,, demonstration oof some agroforestry practices and interventions such as alley cropping, soil conservation technologies, etc. These demonstration-and trial-plots that are conducted by the Council's multidisciplinary team of scientists are also used to a limited extent for obtaining scientific information on the performance of the various species involved and of their response to management as well as interactions. The Station is visited regularly by an average of 350 individuals of various types per year, and is used for different kinds of training and field demonstrations.


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