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Composite graben tectonics of Alba Patera on Mars

  • Jouko Raitala


The Alba Patera main graben zone is radial to the Tharsis bulge, indicating the importance of the Tharsis bulge-related peripheral rift tectonics. The concentric grabens around the Alba Patera area are also partly caused by crustal bending due to the central load of the Alba Patera volcano. These two graben sets partly coincide forming composite structures. Both tectonic systems were still active after the last major volcanic lava extrusions took place. After this, the crater chain grabens, radial to the northernmost part of the Tharsis bulge were formed. These collapse craters were evidently caused by the late-tectonic forces due to the northern Tharsis and adjoining lava loads, resulting in flexural tension and activating previous faults.


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  • Jouko Raitala
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